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'21 TN PG Dominiq Penn (Verbal Offer)

Discussion in 'Basketball Recruiting' started by OSU_Buckguy, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

    Oh, I agree with that but the question I have is that I do not think he should get preferential treatment just because his father is on staff of the basketball program. His ranking have dropped quite a bit over the past year.
  2. nomatta

    nomatta Senior

    I would love an in-depth article like the one 11W did on Loveday about Penn. Very curious as to what is going on with his recruitment at this point and what he's thinking.
    LitlBuck likes this.
  3. wigmon

    wigmon Junior

    I think its pretty clear from all the articles that Mcdermott was a walk on his senior year. as such, his tuition had to be paid for. He was not eligible for benefits that scholarship players get like monthly stipends, paid tutors, training tables, etc. He was able to get per diems on road trips as are all walk ons. The situation is a direct correlation to what Penn could choose to do at osu or any college of his choice. d1 basketball teams are only allowed 13 scholarship athletes.

    I agree that if he;s worthy that he should get a scholarship, but he can choose to walk on at osu.
  4. QualityLoss

    QualityLoss Sophmore

    Sconnie makes 70k a year that is not nearly enough to warrant skipping a scholarship to pay 26,000 a year in tuition and fees.
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  5. nomatta

    nomatta Senior

    Yeah, if Dom comes here (shouldn't be a big "if" but maybe it is?), it will be on scholarship.

    And I think he's worthy of a scholarship, honestly. He's a very good insurance plan if Carton is 1-and-done or 2-and-done.
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  6. babybuck

    babybuck Newbie

    Since Scoonie is an employee does he get a benefit of free tuition for his kids?
  7. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    Been hearing there is a lot of drama around Dom.
  8. DZ83CK

    DZ83CK Not Banned

    The walk-on discussion is stupid. If he is not good enough for a scholarship, he should not come to OSU. If he doesn't turn out to be a super great prospect and isnt quite good enough to compete at OSU, that is OK, he will just need to find the best situation for him.

    MARVYMARV14 Senior

    What you hearing Thump, you can summarize don't have to go into all details.
  10. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    From a good source, said that Dom is a bit diva'ish, and maybe not as good as the hype.
    LitlBuck, buckeyeintn and MARVYMARV14 like this.

    MARVYMARV14 Senior

    I can understand that, because I've met scoonie and he was a little diva-ish thinking his ish doesn't stink but with that said I am able to separate the person from the talent and I still see a very talented player in Dom like akin to Trey Burke.
  12. BayBuck

    BayBuck Buckeyes are best

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  13. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck 2014 National Champions!

    Have watched Dom enough to think he's absolutely as good as the hype.
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  14. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

    From this recruiting article on LGHL comes the following regarding Penn
    I am not sure how much stock to put in this article because the writer talked like Ohio State has 3-4 scholarships for 2020.

    In addition, I have seen on various other recruiting sites where Penn is not very highly rated. In fact, there might be a PG in Ohio that is ranked higher than Penn.
  15. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

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