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2008 08 Recruiting (CBF40's look at our prospects)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by crazybuckfan40, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Well with 07' basically over with, and all these great prospects, I figured I would just go ahead with 08' instead of waiting till signing day.

    So here is the first look at 08', I will even make my best guess on signing day.

    Also Red = Official Offer

    QB's - I think that we will take 1, even if we are able to sign Bauserman, but he is a walk-on till he plays a down, so he don?t count against the count.
    • Terrelle Pryor - Kid is a top ten prospect in the country. Can basically pick his school and where he wants to go. He could also play many positions, but wants to play QB and might also want to play basketball. I think we stand a good shot and at this point, with Pitt/PSU/Mich/ND being the competition.
    • Domonick Britt - Seems to be the front runner for best QB in Ohio at this point. If things don?t work out with Pryor or the staff sees him as an athlete Britt could get an offer. If he does I would think that it would be around camp time.
    • D.C. Jefferson - One of the best QB?s in Florida. Has Tennessee as his leader, but I think we would have a shot if offered and pushed hard, but at this time there are other guys higher on the board.
    • Jeffrey Legree - From his first update he seems to really get what Tressell is selling. Seems like a stand up kid. He is another one that could very well step up and get an offer if Pryor falls thru.
    - There are other QB's under the radar at the moment and a couple guys from Ohio, but these seem to be the 4 biggest targets at the moment.

    RB's - I would think at the moment that we would like to take 2 in the 08? class. That would put the depth chart at 6 deep in Mo Wells and Saine stay and play rb respectively. Either way I think we will take 2, unless Green somehow surprises us.
    • Richard Watson - Seems to be the number target of the staff. He is the only rb with an offer. He has listed us as an early favorite, and I think we have a great shot at him.
    • DeVoe Torrence - Could very well be the best LB or RB in Ohio next year. I think there is a great chance that he gets an offer on signing day. I also believe that when offer his stance on wanting to really look around and not having a favorite will be out the window. He is one that we can paint the endzones on as long as we don't wait to long to offer and I don't think we will.
    • Jamal Womble - The block O has taking a liking to him and has personally taken his tape to the coaches. I would think that if the staff is impressed they could push for Womble being that he seems pretty interested.
    • Lamaar Thomas - Another stud from Maryland. Could also be a DB, but he wants to play rb. He says we are the early favorite, and he impressed at the combine. Should be interesting to see what type of interest he gets.
    • Darius Ashley - He has put up good numbers for a very good St. X team. Should be interesting to see what kind of interest he gets from the staff and nationally.
    - There are some other guys in-state and OOS but at the time being I think these are the 5 major names.

    WR's - This position seems to be loaded in state and OOS. I think we could be in the market for 2 or even 3 if one is a guy that could play WR/DB. I also think that we could be looking for a big receiver next year as most of the prospects seem to be 6'3'' and above.
    • Kenny Tate - He could very well be the number one player in the country next year. Word is that the Bucks could be the early favorite, but this one has a long way to go and with him being from Maryland and being a national target the staff is going to have their hand full here.
    • Mike Flyod - He is another tall receiver that will be nationally rated. He already has an offer, so the staff likes what they see in him. We are co-favorites with ND, but most think that he will end up at ND.
    • DeAndre Preaster - From NY also list some early interest us. He is on Scouts top 100 juniors to watch. He is also a stud basketball player. Also from same high school as Will Smith.
    • Cordale Scott - I would put him as the number 1 receiver in Ohio, the speed numbers haven?t been listed in the 4.5 range, but he has the height. He is also from Glenville, so we all know the drill, Offer = Buckeye.
    • Trey Fairchild - Teammate of Mike Adams and Jake Stoneburner. He has great speed, and I think he could be one that could go the whole WR/DB role.
    • DeVier Posey - He is a great kid that has had a difficult past. Anyone that has seen him has liked what they have seen. He has some big offers already having one from Cal. I think if the staff misses on some of the above guys or he earns an offer at camp he could be a buckeye.
    - There also seems to be some other WR?s in state and OOS, but these are the top 6 IMO.

    TE's - I would say that we take 1 with a shot at 2 depending on how much the staff likes some of the guys we are in on.
    • Kyle Rudolph - Already has an offer, but will probably be hard to pull form Notre Dame. I like what I have seen from him and he is a great jump ball threat at 6'7".
    • Jake Stoneburner - He wants to play WR, but with his size and speed combo could be a deadly TE. He is one that I am really pulling for to get an offer. He has an offer from Iowa already. I am really hoping that we offer. I also think that if we offer he will be a buckeye.
    • Brandon Moore - Some seem to be really enamored with him, and some think he could end up at DE in college. He could be a field stretcher, but IMO doesn?t fit the staffs sterotype of a TE in this offense.
    • Nic DiLillo - He is another one of the deep TE class in Ohio, that could get a look.
    OL - I think that we take 4 for sure, and 5 if the right guys come our way. We all know about the Block O and their interest, but OL seems to be pretty deep in state.
    • J.B. Shugarts - I think he is the best of the 4, but could be very hard to land, being from Texas. Should be interesting to see how his recruitment plays out.

    • Mike Adams - He has the great build for an OT. He is another one that we can paint the endzones for. He has his offer, and he is already actively recruiting for us.

    • Mike Brewster - He is about the same as Adams, but he is from OOS, so you never know of things that could come up, but at this point he is also recruiting for us.

    • Kyle Long - Son of Howie Long who really seems to like us. Could be tough to keep away from baseball and the homestate school of UVA. I think we are in great position, but we have our hands full.

    • Josh Jenkins - Another guy that Brewster and Adams have befriended. He is a guy that could also move over to the other side of the ball if we were able to pull him in, but I just don't feel confident on him at all.

    • Zebrie Sanders - He is from right in state, and I think that he will get his offer even tho the staff has already targeted the four guys above. He is too good to pass up especially being in state. He already has big time offers from Miami, Michigan, etc.
    - There are quite a few other guys in state, but at this time these are the big fish and I think we could pull anywhere from 3-5 of these guys. All top 100 prospects and should be the best OL class ever to come here.

    DE's - I think we could get away with only taking one, but might go with 2.
    • Nathan Williams - He is a great prospect and resides right in state. If he gets an offer he is a buckeye, and I think that he could possibly get an offer sooner rather than late.
    • Justin Staples - Some see him as an OLB. I see him in the Thad Gibson role where he will eventually grow into a guy that stands some and puts his hand down. I also think that he will get an offer at some time. From St. Eds so I like our chances.
    • Kevin Koger - The staff was in to see him and asked for film. Could be a guy that sees an offer at camp time if the staff likes what they see.
    • Taylor Hill - He is going to be a guy that could fly under the radar with big time prospects at Mooney, but he could earn an offer at camp and will make some college very happy.
    DT's - I think we need 2 or even 3, but once again the state seems lite in this area. Hopefully the staff can work their magic and find some guys that will fill the void on the depth chart here. Long could be a possibility to move over.
    • Willie Mobley - Received his offer on signing day. At this point I think it is safe to say he is the number one DT on the board. He would be a great OOS get, and we seem to have a pretty good presence at his school after we recruited Ashley from there a couple years ago.

    • Shaq Rowell - Lets hope he gets his weight in order and his grades are good and he becomes a buckeye. He tore it up at the combine and is a Glenville kid. He could really make the DT class successful if he becomes a part of this class.
    • Harold Coates - He is a OL, but he has the potential to be a DT and IMO that is where he is going to have to get an offer if he wants to be a buckeye.
    - There are a couple other names that have been mentioned in state, but no for sure type offers.

    LB's - I think we take 2 and possibly 3 if the staff likes the guys they are after. This is one position that we are loaded with interest, guys instate and OOS.
    • Shayne Hale - He is a top 30 prospect that could very well end up a buck. The competition is going to be PSU. That school usually sends players there. Lets hope that his early interest in the bucks can stay firm and he becomes a buck.

    • Andrew Sweat - He received his offer on signing day, might be hard to pull out PA, but we thru our hat in the ring and have a pretty good shot.
    • Brandon Beachum - There is a good chance that he is going to be the best LB in state, but just not sure how could he is.
    - Guys like Craig, Williams, Zordich, etc. instate or guys like Wilson, Major, Sweat could fight for offers during camp. Too many guys to write about each one. I think that we would have a great shot at any of these guys if we offer.

    DB's - I say we could get away with taking 1, but will probably go with 2 or 3.
    • Terrance Parks - He has an offer, from the school of Eric Berry. Kid looks to be a stud. We are also the early leader. Hopefully he ends up a buck, but the southern schools are going to come calling and that could be tough for him to turn down.
    • Danny McCarthy - His bro is at Notre Dame there is talk that that wont? matter that much and we have a good shot. He has an offer and it should be interesting to see how it plays out.
    • Johhny Adams - He is another one instate that could get an offer. He could be a WR/DB type as talked about above. I also think that with an offer we will land him.
    • Isaiah Pead - He has a great highlight tape, but plays in the city league and D IV, so some question the competition. Either way he has great hips, and the staff is said to be recruiting him as a DB.
    K's - Is a position where we might take a Greyshirt prospect or even give them a ship if the staff feels the need.

    - Ben Buchanan and Steve Schott seem to be the 2 names that are mentioned and both are very good with Buchanan having the upper hand IMO.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2007
    808 Buck, stowfan and The Man like this.
  2. Projections:

    QB's = 1
    RB's = 2
    WR's = 2 or 3
    TE's = 1 or 2
    OL = 4 or 5
    DT's = 2 or 3
    DE's = 1 or 2
    LB's = 2 or 3
    DB's = 2 or 3
    K's = 1

    That is a class of anywhere from 18-25. At this point there is no way we reach the 25 #. 18 is possible.

    With us probably having a class of 15 this year(Heyward, hopefully), that means we banks 7 ships. On top of the 7 seniors we will have next year. That gives us 14. With early entries to the draft possible like Jenks, Animal Jr., Boone, Gholston and with possible transfers say 1 or 2 I think that the class number will 17-18.

    That should allow us to fill all of our needs and then add a player or so on top of that...
  3. westbuck04

    westbuck04 Wildcard, b*tches

    I'm pretty sure there's only 6 seniors next year. Not sure if you're counting Whaley or not, but he'll only be a rsJR next year.
    crazybuckfan40 likes this.
  4. 23Skidoo

    23Skidoo It's so Japaneasy

    I count 7...
    Johnson, Robinson, Lukens, Lyons, Barton, Terry, Grant.
  5. BeanieWells28

    BeanieWells28 ohio state national champs06 !!!!!!!!

    2008 dream class!!

    i thought it would be fun to do this. not discrediting the 2007 class, but i am really looking forward to 2008.

    QB:Terrelle Pryor
    RB:Richard Watson
    RB:Jamal Womble
    WR:Kenny Tate
    WR:Mike Floyd
    WR:Cordale Scott
    TE:Kyle Rudolph
    TE:Brandon Moore
    OL:Mike Adams
    OL:Michael Brewster
    OL:J.B. Shugarts
    OL:Kyle Long
    OL:Zebrie Sanders
    DE:Nathan Williams
    DE:Justin Staples
    DT:Shaq Rowell
    DT:Josh Jenkins?
    LB Devoe Torrence
    LB:Shayne Hale
    LB:Jon Major
    DB:Terrance Parks
    DB:Will Hill
    DB Danny McCarthy
    Isaiah Pead and Johnny Adams

    A man can dream can't he!!
    GO BUCKS!!

    P.S. I don't know what is up with the smiley faces they just came up and i can't get rid of them.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2007
  6. 23Skidoo

    23Skidoo It's so Japaneasy

    put a space between ':' and 'D'

  7. Flocka

    Flocka Where you going? NOWHERE!

    It is because you do not have spaces after your colons. ( : ) When you put D after it, it forms : D, which together with no space froms, :biggrin:.
  8. westbuck04

    westbuck04 Wildcard, b*tches

    Lyons red-shirted in 05', if I'm not mistaken.
  9. 23Skidoo

    23Skidoo It's so Japaneasy

    Good point, I'm still not clear on that one. Sounds like we probably do have just 6 then.
  10. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

  11. 23Skidoo

    23Skidoo It's so Japaneasy

    That's what I've been using the whole time... and I'm betting it's what CB40 used too. But it does sound like Lyons didn't play at all in 2005 being injured, but also no "confirmation" from the "insiders".
  12. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    23Skidoo likes this.
  13. 23Skidoo

    23Skidoo It's so Japaneasy

    D'oh! Caught me on that one. :wink2:
    So we definitely have just 6.
  14. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    hmm... I see the mixup now. The chart doesn't show Lyons being moved as mili mentioned.
  15. Yep I looked at the chart...

    I forgot that Mili was waiting to update that info...So I guess we will only have 13.

    Also there is still a chance that Lyons could be taken off due to his injury that he has battled, much like Devon Jordan was...

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