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'06 PA OL Greg Karlowsky

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Charleroi (PA)

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 275 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.2 seconds
Bench max: 265 pounds
Squat max: 375 pounds
GPA: 3.2

Interest in Georgia Tech, Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue and Syracuse.

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By Kurelic...Greg favors the Big 10.

2004 high school football all-conference teams

By Pittsburgh Live

Class A

Big Seven


Black Hills Conference


Wide Receivers -- Matt Emanuele, sr., Bishop Canevin; Jason Janov, sr., Chartiers-Houston

Linemen -- Elliott Bates, sr., Chartiers-Houston; Greg Karlowsky, jr., Charleroi; Tom McQuaide, sr., Bishop Canevin; J.C. Pesto, sr., Fort Cherry; Todd Shulsky, jr., Beth-Center; Nick Workmaster, jr., Bentworth

Quarterback -- Zach Burt, sr., Chartiers-Houston

Running Backs -- Phil Henderson, jr., Chartiers-Houston; Dom Scorza, sr., Charleroi; Jermaine Thurston, so., Charleroi
2004 Tribune-Review high school football all-stars




Jeff Lapkowicz, Carmichaels Area, 6-1, 195, Sr.

Running backs

Dom Scorza, Charleroi Area, 6-2, 185, ,Sr.

Quinton Martin, Monessen, 5-10, 170, Sr.

Jermaine Thurston, Charleroi Area, 5-9, 155, So.

Wide receivers

Jared Lapkowicz, Carmichaels Area, 6-1, 195, Sr.

Steve Erdely, Frazier, 5-8, 155, Sr.

Cody Renner, West Greene, 5-8, 150, Jr.

Tight end

Johnathan Meyers, Jefferson-Morgan, 5-9, 190, Sr.

Offensive Linemen

Greg Karlowsky, Charleroi Area, 6-4, 265, Jr.

Garan Fennell, Monessen, 6-4, 270, Sr.

Sheldon Davis, Monessen, 6-0, 270, Sr.

Danny Santo, California Area, 5-10, 225, Sr. Todd Shulsky, Beth-Center, 6-0, 225, Jr.