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'06 PA OL Chris Hanna (Milford Academy Prep School)


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Pittsburgh (PA)

Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 292 pounds
40-yard dash: 5 seconds
Bench max: 310 pounds

Hearing from Maryland, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Purdue, Michigan, Iowa, and Virginia.

Hanna was a second team all-conference selection as a junior. He projects as a guard in college.

Chris is a teammate of current Buckeye ATH recruit Aaron Smith; and attends the same high school as Penn State CB Justin King, a member of the recruiting class of 2005.

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From the Pitt site...Chris states that his favorites are Pittsburgh, Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue and Virginia. Pitt is his early leader. He is a two-year starter for Gateway. Academics are very important to Chris.

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As posted by HighStreet in another thread, Hanna is rated as the #10 player in the state of Pennsylvania by Bob Lichtenfels of Panther Report.

Pittsburh Live's Top 25 in the WPIAL/City League for 2006

Gateway has multi-purpose back Aaron Smith, offensive tackle Chris Hanna and linebacker Dan Loheyde.
Top 25 prospects
<TABLE border=1><TBODY><TR><TD>Name </TD><TD>Ht. </TD><TD>Wt. </TD><TD>Pos. </TD><TD>High School </TD></TR><TR><TD>Desmond Brentley </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>230 </TD><TD>QB </TD><TD>Perry </TD></TR><TR><TD>Aaron Brown </TD><TD>6-3 </TD><TD>195 </TD><TD>DB </TD><TD>Burrell </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ashton Cobb </TD><TD>6-0 </TD><TD>200 </TD><TD>DB </TD><TD>Center </TD></TR><TR><TD>Dorin Dickerson </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>205 </TD><TD>WR-LB </TD><TD>West Allegheny </TD></TR><TR><TD>Connor Dixon </TD><TD>6-5 </TD><TD>180 </TD><TD>QB </TD><TD>South Park </TD></TR><TR><TD>Archie Donald </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>220 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>Penn Hills </TD></TR><TR><TD>Elijah Fields </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>205 </TD><TD>WR </TD><TD>Duquesne </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chris Hanna </TD><TD>6-4 </TD><TD>290 </TD><TD>OL</TD><TD>Gateway </TD></TR><TR><TD>Justin Hargrove </TD><TD>6-4 </TD><TD>235 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>Baldwin </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tyler Henderson </TD><TD>6-0 </TD><TD>195 </TD><TD>RB </TD><TD>Burrell </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tyler Huether </TD><TD>6-1 </TD><TD>185 </TD><TD>QB </TD><TD>Penn-Trafford </TD></TR><TR><TD>Pat Illig </TD><TD>6-5 </TD><TD>290 </TD><TD>OL </TD><TD>Central Catholic </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jason Kolodziej </TD><TD>6-1 </TD><TD>240 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>Thomas Jefferson </TD></TR><TR><TD>Anthony Leonard </TD><TD>6-1 1/2 </TD><TD>212 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>McKeesport </TD></TR><TR><TD>Dan Loheyde </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>220 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>Gateway </TD></TR><TR><TD>Wes Lyons </TD><TD>6-6 </TD><TD>185 </TD><TD>WR </TD><TD>Woodland Hills </TD></TR><TR><TD>Travis McBride </TD><TD>6-0 </TD><TD>185 </TD><TD>RB </TD><TD>McKeesport </TD></TR><TR><TD>Terrance McCrae </TD><TD>6-3 </TD><TD>190 </TD><TD>WR </TD><TD>Connellsville </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nate Nix </TD><TD>6-3 </TD><TD>215 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>Thomas Jefferson </TD></TR><TR><TD>Darren Rodgers </TD><TD>6-1 </TD><TD>190 </TD><TD>QB </TD><TD>Quaker Valley </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tyler Scruggs </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>220 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>South Park </TD></TR><TR><TD>Aaron Smith </TD><TD>6-1 </TD><TD>175 </TD><TD>DB </TD><TD>Gateway </TD></TR><TR><TD>Darrin Walls </TD><TD>6-0 </TD><TD>175 </TD><TD>DB </TD><TD>Woodland Hills </TD></TR><TR><TD>Greg Webster </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>225 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>Woodland Hills </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nate Williams </TD><TD>6-2 </TD><TD>210 </TD><TD>LB </TD><TD>Central Catholic </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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From the WVU site...Hanna's coach says Chris plays left tackle but projects as a guard. He is hearing from Pitt (offer), WVU, Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue and Virginia.
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Chris has received an offer from Pittsburgh. His high school is just minutes away from the campus. He likes tOSU and is no stranger to the program. Reportedly has been timed at 5.0 in the 40. He is being contacted by Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Iowa, Akron and tOSU.
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From the Pitt site (major slant alert)...Chris has a top 5 of Pittsburgh, Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue and Virginia. Pitt has a committment from one of his teammates (Dan Loheyde) and is pursuing another (Aaron Smith). He claims Pitt is his favorite right now.
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