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'06 FL WR Tony Wilson (Georgia signee)


Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats
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Antonio Wilson
Daytona Beach (FL)

Height: 6-foot-0
Weight: 180 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds
GPA: 3.2

Member of the Rivals Pre-Evaluation Top 100.

Interest in Michigan, LSU, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida State, Georgia, Florida, and Miami.

Antonio Wilson of Daytona Beach (Fla.) Mainland is ranked as the top junior wide receiver in the state by Florida Kids.us. The 6-foot-1 and 180 pound standout is the brother of North Carolina running back Vince Wilson. As a junior, Wilson posted over 1,000 all purpose yards with over 600 receiving. On defense he had roughly 20 tackles and 6 interceptions, and on returns he averaged close to 100 yards a game.
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From the Florida site...his brother Vince plays at UNC. Likely to be a top 10 prospect in the state of Florida. Early favorites are UGA and Michigan.

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His early top 5 is Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida State, and Georgia. Also hearing from Indiana and Illinois. He will not be committing until sometime close to Signing Day 2006.

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From the main Rivals site...all of his favorites have either offered or told him an offer is coming. His coach thinks that the teams to beat are the Florida schools and Georgia.