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'05 PA OL/DL Kurt Mattes (Northwestern signee)



Another PA lineman that we are interested in- this seems to be a good year for PA Olineman



Ht: 6-6 Wt: 260 40: 4.8
GPA: 4.2 Sat: 1280
Position: OL, DT
Projected as: OL, DT
High School: Wyoming Valley West HS
(Plymouth, PA)

One of the top offensive line prospects in Pennsylvania. Played mostly tight end in high school but will be recruited as an offensive tackle. Mattes was the leader of coach Ed Michael’s Spartans as a junior so he will undoubtedly be ready to assume the leadership role again as a senior. Kurt is tough on defense as well as offense and earned 1st team All N.E.P.F.C honors with 52 tackles, 6 sacks, and 10 tackles for loss, playing defensive tackle and end

He has received offers from Pitt, Virginia and Vanderbilt. PSU, Northwestern, BC, tOSU, scUM, Iowa, Stanford and ND are showing interest. His brother currently plays for ND.


Kurt Mattes, a 6'6", 260 lb., 4.78/40 offensive lineman/defensive lineman from Plymouth (Wyoming Valley West), PA is already getting interest from schools around the East Coast. The attention is not limited to the eastern side of the nation either. Kurt is also getting attention from programs out west like Iowa, Indiana and Stanford.

Kurt is reportedly also getting programs looking at him like Notre Dame, Boston College, Michigan, and Pittsburgh. Plus, he apparently already has offers from Virginia and Pitt with more expected to come.
He is said to be a big, powerful lineman who also has impressive agility for his size. He is quick off the blocks and has consistent hands at tight end. Hi team uses him as a big, agile target across the flat, but he reportedly also has impressive blocking skills to open up holes for the backfield.

This past season on defense he reportedly had 50 tackles (10 for a loss) and 5 sacks. On the other side of the ball he had 15 pancake blockes, 14 receptions for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. He is one of the Wyoming Valley West's principle weapons in short yardage situations.

Kurt's (left, WVWHS) strength is illustrated by the fact he can bench press 320 lbs. and squat 480 lbs. Although he primarily played tight end on offense, college teams looking at him seem split on where they see him playing at the next level. Several are looking at him for the offensive line and several on the defensive line. It seems many schools are looking at him to play tackle on either side of the ball thanks to his frame and agility. He was an honorable mention at tight end on this season's All-Pennsylvania Football News Class AAA Team.

An excellent student, Kurt boasts a 4.2 GPA and 1280 SAT score. He reportedly attended Penn State's junior day the weekend of February 28 and is looking closely at the Nittany Lions. Although lineman do not seem to be a primary need for this class, the Lion staff is reportedly looking to add a few who can make a quick adjustment to the next level and it seems the Nittany Lions may see Kurt as one of those prospects.

It would seem though that Notre Dame may have the early edge for Kurt sicne his brother Brian played for the Irish. Kurt seems to be looking at a wide variety of programs, but due to his familiarity with Notre Dame thanks to his brother, they may be the team to beat for Kurt's services.