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'05 IN WR Selwyn Lymon (Purdue signee)



Fort Wayne (IN)
Wide Receiver

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds

RECEIVING G No. Yds Avg TD Long Avg/G
Selwyn Lymon 14 47 1134 24.1 13 86 81.0

Selwyn Lymon 1 55 55.0 1 55

Selwyn Lymon 5 72 14.4 0 20

He has expressed interest in tOSU but Purdue is probably the favorite right now and is his only offer. He has a 36-inch vertical and has bench-pressed 285 pounds. He ran a sub 4.4 40 and plays BBall and runs track in Indiana.

Competes in 400M and long jump

400 meter Dash

1. Selwyn Lymon, 11, Harding
2. Bryan Payton, 12, Concordia
3. Brandon Bryant, 12, Harding
4. Benjamin Strycker, 12, Elkhart Central
5. Travis White, 10, Northrop

Selwyn Lymon transferred this past summer from North Side to Harding, and will be competing for the Hawks this year. I think Lymon and Payton will both be among the state's very elite 400 runners, as can Brandon Bryant, now with Lymon as a training partner. Strycker had a good regional race last year, and White will be much better for the Bruins this year with a year under his belt. This will be a very fast race.

Long Jump

1. Justin Wynn, 12, Snider
2. Selwyn Lymon, 11, Harding
3. Kristian Brown, 12, Snider
4. Trenton Chupp, 11, Northwood
5. Dominique Hill, 11, Snider

I think this is the best long jump field in Indiana, with 8 athletes returning who jumped at least 22 feet last year. Justin Wynn returns at the state runner-up last year, Lymon as the regional champion, and Kristian Brown and Bobby Brown returning as solid jumpers. Again, though, the depth of this field of athletes is unbelievable. There should be several athletes from this regional hit the Automatic Qualifying Standard.

Class 2A First team IN as a junior

4 Selwyn Lymon 6-5, 200, 4.45, Indianapolis Harding, IN (IND, ND, PUR, OHST, MICH, MIST)

Selwyn article

Selwyn Lymon knows how to make an entrance.

After transferring from North Side this summer, Lymon played his first game in a Harding uniform

Aug. 22 against Snider. He introduced himself by catching four passes for 91 yards, including two touchdowns. The second score was for 72 yards and turned out to be the game-winning touchdown.

"Our kids didn't really 100 percent accept him until he excelled in the Snider game," Harding coach Sherwood Haydock said. "They knew he was good but it was almost like he wasn't one of us yet. When he scored that second touchdown, he became one of the guys and they realized the benefit of him coming over."

At 6-foot-5, 190 pounds and having blazing-fast legs, Lymon brings lots of benefits.

Already this year he's played defensive end, safety, wide receiver, tight end and slotback. Besides learning new positions, he's had to learn a completely new offense.

"I knew it would be different because these guys pass all the time," Lymon said. "It was like go here, go there. It was a lot harder because I had to work on more routes and formations. I had to forget everything I knew from North Side's playbook."

"I think he was in shock when he came to our mini-camp and realized how many passes he was going to catch," Haydock said. "His comment about the first week was that he only had to learn three or four routes at the other place."

Because Lymon was a regional track champion in the long jump and 400 meters, Haydock figured his new junior was a track guy dabbling in football.

"He's more than that," Haydock said. "After coaching him this year, I think he's a football player who runs track. He's the first guy about 6-5 I've seen who can make moves like that."

Now Lymon loves playing in Harding's wide-open offense. He has 33 catches this season for nine touchdowns, averaging 21.6 yards per catch. He had four straight 100-yard games to start the season as he learned to hook up with quarterback Reggie Smith.

"It's just exciting with Reggie because a short pass can turn into a deep bomb," Lymon said. "I don't have to tell him. He's going to look and if I'm open, he's going to get me the ball."


Lymon earned 1st team in BBall in Indiana- he was also 1st team in Football


Also on the first team were: Concordia's Phil Brackmann and Michael Brune; Harding's Selwyn Lymon and Brandon Foster; South Side's Courtney Pearson and Mario White; Snider's Ryan Sims; and North Side's Neil Collins.

Hardy, Gaines, Pearson and Lymon were also named All-SAC in football.

"When you play both sports, I think they are good athletes, period," South Side coach Ryan Bond said.

"Normally our football players are the worse shape guys we have, so we like to give them some time (from football season). But with the rules, we basically get them after their playoff run is done and, you are starting up basically already, and that doesn't give them much time."
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looks like it could shape up to be a scUM/PU battle


Harding junior Selwyn Lymon already is being courted by some of the top college football programs in the Midwest. He has received scholarship offers from Purdue, Wisconsin and most recently Michigan, the defending Big Ten champions.

Lymon caught 47 passes for 1,143 yards and 13 touchdowns as he helped lead the Hawks to the Class 2A state championship game last season. The 6-foot-4, 190-pounder averaged 24.3 yards per reception. Lymon also plays basketball and runs track. He placed sixth in the 400-meter dash and third in the long jump at last season's state finals meet.

"(My decision where to commit) is still up in the air," said Lymon, who said he likely will not make a decision until his senior football season. "When I was growing up, I liked Michigan because I was a Charles Woodson fan. But I like Purdue coach Joe Tiller. He came to my school the first day he could recruit (last December). He came to visit me, and I'm only a junior. I thought he would be out still trying to recruit seniors for (the 2004 class), so that made quite an impression on me. I liked that a lot."

Lymon's cousin Bernard Pollard, a South Side graduate, started for the Boilermakers at strong safety as a true freshman last season. He was named first-team freshman All-America by College Football News.com and second-team, freshman All-America by The Sporting News. Lymon said that Pollard has called him and spoke glowingly about Purdue and coach Tiller.
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member

Lymon now lists an Ohio State offer.

Tracking his moves

Three-sport star Lymon has colleges following him

By Todd D. Burlage

The Journal Gazette

Decisions, Decisions.
That's what Harding junior Selwyn Lymon is up against these days.

What events to run in track? What scholarship offer to accept? Basketball, football, or both?

It must be rough being Lymon - the best 400-meter runner in the state, a blue-chip football recruit and maybe the best all-around high school athlete in Indiana.

It's just a shame he's only allowed to compete in four events this track postseason or Harding might finish in the top five at state.

"He is just a natural track athlete. He is that rare combination of quick explosion plus good speed," Harding track coach Sherwood Haydock said. "Pick any four events. It wouldn't matter, he'd excel."

Lymon's 48.5 in the 400 meters is the best time in the state this season. His long jumps are among the top three in the state and he also runs on Harding's state-hopeful 400-meter and 1,600-meter relay teams.

And the guy has the nerve to say: "track really isn't my thing. I just run track to stay in shape for football and basketball. I don't work on track during the offseason. I work on the other sports."

It's that natural ability that has caught the attention of nearly every major football program in the country.

At 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds, Lymon has the rare combination of size and speed that coaches sell their souls for.

Coaches call the school daily wanting to know whether Lymon is for real.

"The nice thing is, they don't have to take our word for it," Haydock said. "It's on record that he is one of the fastest runners in the state."

Lymon already has offers from Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin and Penn State - and that's just from the Big Ten.

Haydock said Penn State recruiters apologized feverishly last week for getting into the Lymon lottery so late.

"It's tough. (Last week), I had Purdue and Wisconsin. . . . I mean, I had Purdue and Penn State wanting to talk," said Lymon, trying to sort through all the offers. "It is like that every day. There's nothing like it. It is something I will never forget."

Lymon tries not to get caught up in all the hype or the decision process. The calls have been coming since he was a freshman so there's no reason to rush things. He's still just a junior.

The focus is on staying healthy and winning at least one individual track title. He'll be the heavy favorite in the 400 and one of the guys to beat in the long jump.

"He hasn't been chased yet," Haydock said. "He's not been pushed. When he finally gets pushed that last 200 meters, it is hard telling what he can do."

Lymon remains confident in his ability, but grounded through his success. His father, Terry Lymon, sees to it.

"He has to realize that he is just a junior, and he has just started. The hard work has not begun yet," said Terry Lymon, a standout football player at North Side, Ball State and in the Canadian Football League. "He is just a junior, and he is getting quite a bit of attention. It is imperative on his part to remain focused and to train hard."

Track has always come naturally to Selwyn Lymon, even in middle school. But it wasn't until he finished third in the long jump and sixth in the 400 as a sophomore at state last season that he started to realize his full track potential, even if it is just a hobby.

"I'm not going to think about the state meet just yet," Selwyn Lymon said. "We still have to get through sectional and regional. The goals are there, but you can't look ahead."

Sounds like Dad talking.
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Illuminatus Emeritus
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BP Recruiting Team
Lymon should be going up against Donald Washington III (another WR prospect whom OSU is recruiting) at the state finals. It will be interesting to see who wins (and I'm sure that Buckskin will keep us posted :wink2: )
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Insiders Premium

Per the latest Insiders update, Lymon will most likely be camping at Ohio State this summer and his top 5 includes Purdue, scUM, Wiscy, Tennecheat, and the Buckeyes. He says there are a lot of Buckeye fans at his school and the school nurse even gave him a Buckeye. Smart, smart lady!! :wink:
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