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'05 GA OL/DL Brian Truelove (Oregon signee)


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Brian Truelove
Snellville, Georgia (suburban Atlanta)
Brookwood High School
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 265 pounds
40-yard dash: 5 seconds
Squat max: 465 pounds
Bench max: 425 pounds
Bench reps: 42 (Nike)
Vertical leap: 25 inches
Junior stats: 46 tackles, 6 TFL, 4 sacks
First team All-Gwinnett County
GPA: 2.9
SAT: 1060

The Insiders is reporting that Georgia OL/DL prospect Brian Truelove is currently expressing interest in Ohio State; his top five schools are Oregon (offered), Ohio State, Iowa, Washington and Ole Miss; even though his father is a Georgia Tech fan, Brian appears to have little or no interest in his home state schools.

Brian's comments on Ohio State, which he plans to visit this summer:

"It's Ohio State. There ain't much else to say. Their rivalry with Michigan, it doesn't get any bigger."
The Insiders on Brian Truelove (6/8/04)

One of the powers of the Big Ten is also making a push.

"My dad just walked in here and told me we got an e-mail from Ohio State," Truelove said. "They want me to come to camp and they're real close to offering. They said I'm high on their list and if I come to camp and they like what they see that I'd be considered for an early offer.

"Right now I'd say Oregon and then Ohio State right behind them and Ole Miss for a Southern school," he said. "That would probably be my top three right now.

"Maybe [I'll visit] Ohio State now since they sent that e-mail. I'm fired up about that right now."
JacketsOnline.com on Brian Truelove (6/7/04)

Brian plays both OL and DL, but wants to play DL in college.

Note Brian's bench press number - that is not a misprint - his 42 reps (at 185 pounds) occurred at the Atlanta Nike camp, and was the best performance of any Nike camper nationwide.


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Serenity now

TheInsiders/MSL Combine in Atlanta:
Quentin Wesley (left) of Crim and Brian Truelove of Brookwood were the two best defensive linemen on the day Saturday. Wesley measured at over 6-4 and Truelove came in at 6-2. I was surprised at how lean Truelove was. It showed too, because he was extremely quick. He also set the mark on the weekend for bench press reps with 40. I think he ends up at offensive guard in college, but he's going to be a beast at defensive tackle for Brookwood this year.
You gotta love his attitude about OSU.
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He sounds like a good one to get, and I hope he grows a couple of inches to 6'4". As of now, I think 6'2" could be the reason why the lack of many big offers. 42 reps at 185 is very impressive indeed. I would think he plays (OL vs. DL) where ever he can get on the field the quickest. I would like to hear what happens during camp and se what the coaches will do.
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yeah he looks like a center to me as well. Bentley is only 6'2 or so and strong as an Ox....but will this kid get pissed if OSU asks him to snaps some balls or get on the O Line...It seemed that he was SO surpised when Iowa asked him to do so. He also stated that it had been a few years since he played OL...if that is the case I am wondering why he is listed at both positions.
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He reminds me of PSU '04 recruit AQ Shipley. They seem to be similar in strength and size. AQ was adamant that he wanted to play on the Dline but many teams, including tOSU, recruited him for the Oline (specifically center). He went to home state PSU where they promised him a place on the Dline.

Hopefully Brian is more flexible about what position he plays then he expressed in that article.
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Actually, at 6'2", he's just about the right height for a DT (same height as top-rated Callahan Bright, BTW); tall DT's tend to get "stood up"; it's much easier for a shorter DT to stay low.
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LordJeffBuck said:
Actually, at 6'2", he's just about the right height for a DT (same height as top-rated Callahan Bright, BTW); tall DT's tend to get "stood up"; it's much easier for a shorter DT to stay low.
Good point LJB. How tall were Will Smith and Kenny Peterson when they played here?
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Will Smith and Kenny Peterson are both listed at 6'3" on current NFL info. I don't know if they were the same when they enrolled at tOSU.
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