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Search results

  1. Cleveland Cavs (2016 NBA Champions)

    I would honestly consider trading our #1 for the #3 and #10, we would still get an elite 3, then would have another lottery pick in this deep draft... heck we could also try a way to trade up from 10 to a little higher too if need be. I think the distance between Wiggins, Parker, and Embiid is...
  2. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    Works both ways. I am sorry that Manziel haters have to blow up everything he does, from an outside perspective it's sad. I get those who are trashing him are too biased to see how silly they are... and obsessed. It's like trying to tell a racist he is wrong, they are so immersed in their ways...
  3. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    I don't do it, not like that. I make my point, you are clearly trolling. Show me one time when I was being sarcastic and consistently doing exactly what you are?
  4. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    Look, a mod who is trying to troll. How ironic.
  5. Cleveland Cavs (2016 NBA Champions)

    Come on, nobody likes Cleveland lol. No from outside Cleveland anyhow!
  6. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    I was banned it said until June 10th, so I didn't circumvent anything til now. They can ban me all they want, I can keep coming back. If they would leave me alone I probably wouldn't even post that much, but since they feel the need to play double standard, the longer it continues the more I...
  7. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    Good attempt, but that was just bad.
  8. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    Never claimed to be, I just have tried to talk sports. At worst the only thing I am guilty of is having a differing opinion than some people on touchy subject matter,
  9. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    Yeah you're loving it. You post the same and yet you never get dinged. You're like that sneaky little kid in school who starts things but then the teacher only sees the reaction and you get off scott free lol
  10. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    Haha seriously. I will be gone though again soon, they will ban me any minute now. It's like Hitler/SS/Gestapo in here with some of these guys.
  11. Johnny Manziel (unemployed)

    Well the ban said until June 10th, I guess I should have recognized the personal vendetta against me by a lot of you and how no matter what I say if it's in disagreement I get flamed and then banned by the powers that be. Definitely a whole lot of double standards going on here. All I want to do...