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  1. Ohio State Men's Golf (Official Thread)

    Moldovan shot 80-74 in first two rounds and did not make the cut.
  2. 2025 TX DB Devin Sanchez is a Buckeye!!!

    A footnote to that 3rd place finish in the 4X100 meter relay - the top four team all broke 40 seconds. The winner, earlier in the season, broke 39 seconds. There are a lot of sprinters in Texas and many of them also play football. The top two teams also had football players.
  3. How's the weather?

    You should also consider wind-blown debris. Growing up in Kansas, I have seen a shingle blown through a window and embedded in the drywall. Never underestimate what a 120 mph wind can do.
  4. Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

    Clouds broke in my part of DFW. Had a great view. Also saw quite a few birds head for the trees as it got darker.
  5. Best pizza in columbus?

    While a bit off this topic, as a former Columbus resident, I am happy that Donatto's is coming to north Texas. They see a potential for 50 restaurants ultimately.
  6. Texas Rangers (2023 World Series Champs)

    Here are some other things about the ring. 103: Blue sapphires on the top of the ring, which make up the background for the logo, signify the total number of wins for the Rangers in 2023. They won 90 in the regular season and another 13 in the postseason. 23: Red rubies that outline the “T”...
  7. Colonoscopy 2.0 and skirts

    I have had 4 (or 5?). I have had at least one polyp removed in every one. None were cancerous, but could have become cancerous. The actual colonoscopy is a piece of cake. The stuff you have to drink is not a lot of fun. What my gastroenterologist uses has you drink one large dose the night...
  8. Ohio State Women's Ice Hockey (2022 WCHA Champions, 2022, 2024 National Champions)

    Would the men's and women's programs draw similar enough crowds to use the same arena? Or is there enough requirement for ice time that multiple sheets are needed?
  9. Baltimore Bridge Collapse

    Not a lot of people really understand ships, how they actually operate, and maritime procedures and law. Sal Mercogliano, who did this Youtube, absolutely does.
  10. BP Bracket 2024 (in honor of Jake)

    @BB73 I was not able to bet on anything. Is it because I have 0 vDollars? Or is there something else going on? It did not look like any bets had been placed by anyone.
  11. BP Bracket 2024 (in honor of Jake)

    Should be in
  12. BP's MIA

    Looks like a few posts were deleted. Should I assume they were deleted because they were inaccurate? I hope that is the case.
  13. BP Bracket 2024 (in honor of Jake)

    Will be in. I probably watched fewer than 10 games this year. I may have to make my picks based on which mascot would win a fight.
  14. Post 23 Season tOSU Coaching Changes

    And since the 49er DC was fired today, the assistant DL coach there may be available.
  15. Post 23 Season tOSU Coaching Changes

    Forgot Guerrieri. So one slot for asst DL or LB.
  16. Post 23 Season tOSU Coaching Changes

    Just a question and I decided to put it here rather than in any person's thread. If you look at the list of coaches on the AD website, it shows 7 coaches. Chip Kelly is not yet on the list. Doesn't that leave two openings? It makes sense that one should be filled with another DB coach. There...
  17. U.S. Men's National Soccer (Official Thread)

    Every US stadium that will host games is an NFL stadium. None of the MLS, soccer specific stadiums is of large enough seating capacity.
  18. Lawsuits...Only In America

    And a salary plan that was approved by shareholders with Elon and his brother not voting their shares.
  19. Bill Belichick (Former New England Patriots Head Coach)

    It also seems like the right formula in head coach hiring is to hire an offensive coordinator from a strong coaching tree as your head coach and bring in a veteran defensive coordinator.