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  1. slobberknocker

    2013 Spring Game

    Not hard to blow a guy up across the middle when he is looking for the ball....not saying he played bad just wanted to see more ...
  2. slobberknocker

    2013 Spring Game

    Can't be to hard on the o line , the front 7 just had their ears pinned back knowing it was a passing show. The middle backer is the big issue, grant looks unsure at times and thinking so much he is playing slower and less physical .
  3. slobberknocker

    2013 National Letter of Intent Day (February, 6th)

    Do we really care as long as our players get coached up and put in a postion to succed. JMO:D
  4. slobberknocker

    Weekly Upset Picks - 2011

    ole miss
  5. slobberknocker

    Weekly Upset Picks - 2011

  6. slobberknocker

    Weekly Upset Picks - 2011

    middle tenn state
  7. slobberknocker

    Game Thread Southern Cal 18, at tOSU 15 (Sept 12th, 8 pm, ESPN)

    a couple plays here or there is always the difference, question last drive of the game, why was homan man up on mcknight..... great game go bucks
  8. slobberknocker

    Game Thread Navy 27, at tOSU 31 (Sep 5th, ESPN)

    as a USN vet how awesome to see NAVY in my home state, playing my bucks . thx all vets for your service just excited for the season to start :D
  9. slobberknocker

    High School 2006 Division 6 Final: Shadyside (11-2) vs. Maria Stein Marion Local (12-2)

    watched msml against mcburg msml won 14-0 very sound on both sides of the ball, not flashy but will punch you in the mouth every play
  10. slobberknocker

    '07 MN LB Bryce McNaul (Northwestern Verbal)

    yes- to the offer speed rushing DE in a yr or two (jmo)
  11. slobberknocker

    OT Andy Miller (official thread)

    real nice pickup, could be sleeper of the class
  12. slobberknocker

    The Many Troubles of Marcus Vick (merged)

    he'll be undrafted and play arena league, or go to ufc
  13. slobberknocker

    RB Maurice Clarett (B1G Freshman of the Year, National Champion)

    not to jump to conclusions but each gun spec carries 3yrs so that by its self is 6yrs, thats on top of robbery charge. I don't know what that carries under the new senate bill 2 law if its aggrevated could be something like 10yrs.
  14. slobberknocker

    BuckeyePlanet Discussion - All views welcome

    clarity like i stated in my post its free, and us neg rep people are just as much of a buckeye lover as the rest. We just don't jump on the pile and say things to make the respected bunch like us. I didn't say i had a bad experience just putting my 2 cents in the can. The pecking order is well...
  15. slobberknocker

    BuckeyePlanet Discussion - All views welcome

    look its just the way of the world, if you have different views and don't play follow the leader, then you get slammed of course because everyone nows more about football than the next guy. Its simply people jump on the bandwagon with, the so-called respected people on the board and slam people...
  16. slobberknocker

    '06 OH OL/DL Billy Nagy (Wisconsin signee)

    its time get it out today and let him know, always like big nasty guys like this.
  17. slobberknocker

    Weekly Upset Picks Contest

  18. slobberknocker

    Weekly Upset Picks Contest

    wake forest
  19. slobberknocker

    Weekly Upset Picks Contest

  20. slobberknocker

    What's your Alma Mater? (merged)

    The all mighty and powerful Mechanicsburg Indians talk about small its a villiage