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Search results

  1. Diego-Bucks

    Ross Bjork (OSU AD)

    I do miss Ubet.
  2. Diego-Bucks

    Ross Bjork (OSU AD)

    Lucky me!
  3. Diego-Bucks

    Ross Bjork (OSU AD)

    I really didn't want to write all that, but I did anyways.
  4. Diego-Bucks

    Ross Bjork (OSU AD)

    I'm not offended, you're all good. I personally think that Carter can be a capable OSU President, but that I understand why some academics would flag his lack of a PhD as an issue - it's a question worth asking. For example, Carter's never been in charge of a research-heavy university. While at...
  5. Diego-Bucks

    Ross Bjork (OSU AD)

    I haven't made any claim against Carter's ability to lead - not sure why you think I did. I just think you can praise Carter without describing the hard work it takes to get a PhD as a "cool LinkedIn acronym after their last name". A President of a top-50 public university and R1 research...
  6. Diego-Bucks

    Ross Bjork (OSU AD)

    I think you can praise Carter's credentials and leadership experience without disparaging the credentials of what other academics have achieved. Is having a PhD a requirement to preside over a university? Same thing as asking if being a lawyer is a requirement to run a law firm. Or, if being...
  7. Diego-Bucks

    Ross Bjork (OSU AD)

    Wow. Yuck.
  8. Diego-Bucks

    OL Coach/Run Game Coordinator Justin Frye (Official Thread)

    Calling them good buddies seems a bit of a stretch though, eh? Addazio got hired from Temple to Boston College and brings a young staff alongside, including Day and Frye. That happens in most places with a coaching transition. Lots of stuff happened before and in between. Then, Day and Frye...
  9. Diego-Bucks

    DE Eddrick Houston (Official Thread)

    Oof. It would be absolutely brutal to lose Houston on top of already losing Scott and not getting in on Williams.
  10. Diego-Bucks

    QB Discussion Thread, Cotton Bowl and 2024

    I think we need a depth QB on the transfer portal, but I feel happy with Brown, Lincoln, and (possibly) Noland contending for the starting spot. I liked McCord but he was not clearly "The Guy".
  11. Diego-Bucks

    QB Kyle McCord (transfer to Syracuse)

    I'm surprised, but this seems like something we need to expect from such a competitive QB room and a transfer portal with big NIL $ and development opportunities. Either outright win the job, or be vulnerable to being pushed. And given the 2024 Buckeyes (and Day in particular) would have as much...
  12. Diego-Bucks

    2024 Depth Chart Projection

    Good read. Depressing to see the amount of players considering leaving early or not return - kind of staggering actually!
  13. Diego-Bucks

    HC Ryan Day (2019 B1G Media COY)

    I think about this a lot in the last few seasons. Michigan has been getting older players, and OSU has been staying pretty young. And that has consequences - that's been the BYU strategy for a long-time. That age disparity also results because our players tend to declare early, which...
  14. Diego-Bucks

    WR Emeka Egbuka (All B1G, All-American)

    I've quite liked him as a WR2 and can see that he might be gone, but I'm not all that sure it'll be in the 1st round (although he has the talent) - he didn't quite dominate enough games comparable to other clear-cut 1st round WR in recent drafts.
  15. Diego-Bucks

    FL OL Jordan Seaton (Colorado Signee)

    hmm, Ohio State is both a dark horse and a favorite? :confused:
  16. Diego-Bucks

    tOSU vs. ND, from an Irish Fan

    It would be interesting to see how successful (or not) the jet sweeps have even been in the past 5+ years. Or, alternatively, whether there's any knock-on effects if they open up the middle or something. As near as I can tell, they are mostly failures. I've never seen them do anything better...
  17. Diego-Bucks

    HC Ryan Day (2019 B1G Media COY)

    Exactly. I think what it is, to me, is that people are already at their conclusion of "Day ain't the guy" and aren't really engaging in a conversation anymore. The fact is, this was a top-10 win on the road with a new QB and new OL and folks are just focused on everything else. The pragmatics...
  18. Diego-Bucks

    HC Ryan Day (2019 B1G Media COY)

    I think some folks are in a bit of a toxic spiral on this forum as it relates to Day. There were mistakes yesterday (short yards on 3rd/4th downs, jet sweep was awful) but also, the Buckeyes came away with a hard-fought win on the road against a top-10 opponent. One of either Day or Freeman...
  19. Diego-Bucks

    Youngstown St. at tOSU, Sat. 9/9, 12pm EST, BTN

    I think some folks need to chill a bit. I feel that coming into this season (1) most folks were prepared for some growing pains as we just turned over a ton of the offense and team experience, especially at OL and QB and (2) many of those folks acknowledged it was important to build up towards...
  20. Diego-Bucks

    OT Josh “Jimmy” Simmons (Official Thread)

    Pretty cool Aztec-Buckeye connection! Hope he can come in and contribute.