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Recent content by PRBuck1

  1. PRBuck1

    Why do we have such a bad reputation?

    With great respect to Jaxbuck, I think it does matter what others think. For one, it creates a groundswell of disdain for our program, which I think has happened. If you look nationally, I think many more people like UM than OSU. Undeserved, of course, but the perception is that UM is a more...
  2. PRBuck1

    Why do we have such a bad reputation?

    I have posted a few "congrats on a great season and good luck"-type messages on ND boards. Each time, I have received responses from Domers saying that it is so rare to see class from Buckeye fans. My brother is an Northwestern grad who regularly attends games, and he insists OSU fans are the...
  3. PRBuck1

    Pittman versus Clarett

    I think a very strong argument can be made that Pittman has been better than Clarett. Clarett gained a ton of yards against Texas Tech (175) and Washington State (230) that got him all the publicity. But compare performances in Big Ten games, where it counts: Clarett: 2002 Indiana: 21/104 5.0...
  4. PRBuck1

    Record November 1 and later during Tressel Era

    The Buckeyes are 15-4 from November 1 to the end of the season (including bowls) during the Tressel era. During the past three years, the Buckeyes are an even more impressive 12-2. In other words, there are two conclusions that can be reached about the coaching job Tress has been doing: 1. He...
  5. PRBuck1

    Class of 2005: Academic Credentials....

    ESPN will never report it, but the Class of 2005, in addition to being an excellent football class, is outstanding academically. Tressel will, I am afraid, never get the credit he deserves for turning the football program into a high-achieving program both in the field and in the classroom. If...
  6. PRBuck1

    legit gets for osu

    Do we know the status of Ringer's academic situation? Maybe Tressel is extra-careful after having been burned a few times. I agree that we need to get more than one.
  7. PRBuck1

    K Mike Nugent (All American, Lou Groza Winner, National Champion)

    Does anyone have a feel for Nuge's likely draft status. I know it is unheard of for a kicker to go in the first round, but this guy is a tremendous weapon. Just curious.
  8. PRBuck1

    WR Ted Ginn, Jr. (Official Thread)

    Ginn: does he play defense next year?... I personally tend to think not but the coaches may be tempted. Youboty will be great at one spot but the other is uncertain. EJ is the logical choice but he's been a bit inconsistent. TG would give us two lockdown corners which would be hard to beat...
  9. PRBuck1

    Michigan Chatter - 2004

    I don't want to overstate the importance of this one, but I think it was critical for the program. I think we were at the crossroads, and it could have been possible to see us as a program in decline. Instead, with the big win, I really think we are on the rebound and we certainly can be seen...
  10. PRBuck1

    Offensive Line - 2004/05

    Great job by the line today. Just think. Next year Sims, Datish, Mangold, Shafer, Barton, Rehring, and Downing all return. Plus Mitchum, Person, and Skinner will be ready. As if that's not enough, you have Boone, Cordle, Bemoll, and hopefully Wilson and others. I'm pumped. Imagine what...
  11. PRBuck1

    CB Ashton Youboty (CB Coach Purdue)

    We will miss Fox next year. He always was a great leader. But we have incredible talent in the secondary. Returning players with a lot of experience are: Youboty, Salley, Whitner, Underwood, Everett, and Mitchell. Then you will have Shawn Lane, Nick Patterson, Brandon Underwood, Curt Lukens...
  12. PRBuck1

    Biggest reason for current problems.....

    I believe our problems stem from the fact that we are getting very little from the 2000 and 2001 classes. These are the classes that should have produced the players who would be key performers and seniors this year. The two classes did not turn out very well as there were many who left the...
  13. PRBuck1

    LB Marcus Freeman (HC Notre Dame, Constant Backtracker)

    LB Marcus Freeman (official thread) Freeman seemed to play quite a bit in the second half. I don't think it was due to injury (hope it wasn't). Could be a sign he's really coming along.
  14. PRBuck1

    Opponents total D rank and our performance against them

    Here is the opponents offensive rank and yards they gained on us (R-P-T). Discouraging thing is that 3 of 5 games where we held opponent under 300 yards were the first three games. The other two were against Indiana (#93) and PSU (#100). Also discouraging is that the two remaining opponents...
  15. PRBuck1

    Its almost surreal.....

    If Erik Haw is as fast as advertised, it will give us an unbelievable 1-2 combination the next couple of years.