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Dec 8, 2021
Aug 16, 2006
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Ain’t nobody got time for that, from Right where Uncle Sugar put me

matt_thatsme was last seen:
Dec 8, 2021
    1. sepia5
      Yup, we made it up there. It was a fun trip and I would say Acadia is easily the most beautiful National Park this side of the Mississippi that I've been to. Unfortunately, we only had three nights there and spent it camping in a tent while it was pouring down rain half the time. We only got in one good hike because of the rain. We tried to hike Mount Cadillac in the driving rain, but it was so foggy you couldn't see anything so we gave up. However, lobster was about $4-6 per pound, so I ate the shit out of a bunch of it. We also spent two nights in Portland, which is a really nice little town that sort of reminds me of a miniature Boston. I had some great food there and toured the Allagash brewery. Now that my wife and I are living in Connecticut again, we'll probably take a longer vacation up there at some point and do more exploring, but I can offer a couple recommendations if you take a trip to that area.
    2. THEWOOD
      you post on golfwrx? I was perusing the BST and saw someone selling ryder cup tickets with the same user name.
    3. redguard117
      wow. lucky guess lol. looking forward to shutting up the sec bandwagoners. they seem to forget our regular season vs. sec record too easily...
    4. matt_thatsme
      You got it. I am an alumn of the UT law school so all of my friends are Vol fans. Too bad it is so far off.
    5. redguard117
      whats in sept 1, 2018? is that when we play tennessee?
    6. 3074326
      Nope. It's crazy what a QB who can play can do for an offense. :p
    7. matt_thatsme
      Ha, the grotesquely orange part of it..... near Knoxville. I still get to hear all the whining about Kiffin on a daily basis.
    8. Gatorubet
      What part of God's Speedier Country are you living in now? :D
    9. TJnTN
      it's kind of funny because i never did think kiffin was a good guy or coach for that matter. i do think it's lame that they are telling recruits not to enroll/attend class at UT today and commit to USC.
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