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  • DB, it was this one for 4th of July;

    I'd have suffered a more agonizing death that Urban's for him.
    Urban might die from stress trying to pry the top off a Gatorade Bucket for some ice...
    I'D die with like bloody foam in my mouth and gnashing death while a scantily clad Layla
    stroked my face. Really, USC offers you more than Urban Meyer's death...Tressel?
    He just offers a really good medical plan with low co-pays. :shake:
    I'm confused because I am unaware of any "fiasco" of which you speak, but that son and daughter of yours seem cool.

    You deserve one of these.
    1) My point was that I don't listen anymore when people try and tell me a bad offensive performance from OSU was due to vanilla play calling, not wanting to show too much, not wanting to run up the score etc etc etc. Much more often than not a bad offensive showing from OSU under this coaching staff simply means they aren't capable of any better and more poor performance is on the way.

    2) I think the need for surprise and deception are a given when your are evenly matched but if I had to pick give me execution. In my mind you should be able to line up against a physically outmatched opponent, say a Navy, and impose your will for the simple stuff like having 2 plays to gain 1 yard.

    I really don't want to get into anymore debates with people about the offensive struggles being a strategy or execution problem. Its a chicken and egg debate that just goes on forever. Bottom line is results and while the overall winning percentage is obviously very good there is just no need to consistently struggle on offense like we do. None.

    I can't find this post of yours so I can rep you. About as spot on as it gets, IMO.
    scUMers have gotten me all fired up again. Their very existance annoys me. Oxygen thieves, every last swinging dick one of them.

    Fuck Michigan.
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