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Recent content by CaboWabo

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    '07 AZ OL Kris O'Dowd (Southern Cal Signee)

    The UCLA offer says a lot about O'Dowd because they weren't going to offer an OL unless he was one of the top linemen in the country.
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    '07 AZ OL Kris O'Dowd (Southern Cal Signee)

    Kris could do fine as a tackle, but I don't believe he'd be dominant like he could be as a guard or center. I think Kris would have some problems with the quicker DE's we see these days. He needs to improve his lateral movement and footwork a bit before any of the top programs would consider him...
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    '07 AZ OL Kris O'Dowd (Southern Cal Signee)

    Kris O'Dowd: OT or OG Someone asked which position Kris projects at. He will end up an offensive guard or possibly a center in college. I don't know where Kris will end up in the national rankings for Scout.com, but he's our top OL prospect on the West Coast(CA, WA, OR, AZ, UT, NV, CO).
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    USC can forget about winning it all now

    May, Shrek and Donkey are role models for dip$hits.:lol:
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    L.A.times: Ravens to look at Chow

    Thanks for telling us like it is at SC. Our defense won us the NC, not Norm Chow's offense...but you'd know better being so familiar with the SC football program. next
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    BKB's Big XII analysis

    Please don't let Craig James see this post...and the so-called nancy boys of the Pac-10 haven't had a very difficult time with the Big-10 in recent years.. Just thought i'd add that for reading pleasure..
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    Not that this is bold by anymeans but Leinhart is a goner!

    I too cannot fathom Leinart staying at SC...but many see that happening... If Pete Carroll left for Frisco, there isn't enough booze or narcotics that could help me out.:bang:
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    Not that this is bold by anymeans but Leinhart is a goner!

    USC went undefeated and won the NC because of our defense, not Norm Chow's offense...That is simply a fact..
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    Analysis of the 2005 Recruiting Classes (mega-merge)

    Tedford has done an outstanding job in recruiting...he's getting quite a few juco guys in this years class...and they can flat out play(top recruits out of HS). Oregon will be a tough game in Eugene, it is for every team it seems... I just don't see Cal being able to replace what they lose on...
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    Analysis of the 2005 Recruiting Classes (mega-merge)

    2006 Rose Bowl Yeah, I hope we can meet up, but any time you replace a QB like Leinart, there's no guarantees...even though we really do have a cupcake schedule next season. I didn't think it was difficult this past season, but 2005 is really going to be easy. Oh well, more blasts about SC...
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    Analysis of the 2005 Recruiting Classes (mega-merge)

    Geiger That was totally crap man...I couldn't believe when I found out about Geiger..I was in Miami at the time and there were 5 of us SC fans.. None of us have ever thought much of MoC, but we all were shocked that this bs issue cost a good and loved man his job. Here's to MoC running a...
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    Analysis of the 2005 Recruiting Classes (mega-merge)

    Where will the 05 OSU recruiting class rank? and is there any noticeable effects from the ESPN snow job? USC/OSU 2006 Rose Bowl btw I'm never wrong!:beer:
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    Fred Davis (official thread)

    The humor of this thread is priceless FD chose to attend USC 6 freakin months ago guys. For christ sake get over it and enjoy the success the 2004 football team will have and all the other positives that will come with that. btw What's up with skip loader(aka coach yahoos) and his claiming he...
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    Mark Sanchez (Philadelphia Eagles)

    Nice come back mensa.