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Nov 9, 2007
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    1. MD Buckeye
      MD Buckeye
      I really debated Michigan, but couldn't bring myself to do it lol
    2. Gatorubet
      Opinions vary.

      Glad its over. You'll be in the BCSNC game in two years. Why you fuckers continue to pout about shit you deserve is beyond me. Y'all have the world by the nuts right now, every reason to be dancing with joy, and you're bitching that you got the penalty that everyone but homers thought you should get. :shake: Fuck that noise. Recruiting is great and the future bright. Look ahead and not back.
    3. Gatorubet
      You need to look up gloating. I don't think it means what you think it means.
    4. Gatorubet
      Then have fun officer Fife. I said that to have Jeff's back - Jeff was the one being called out. But it's all yours.
    5. NORT
      Join Date11-09-2007
      Showing 2 of 2 Friend(s) <---HaHa.
    6. jwinslow
      Overlooked this before, but there is no re-tweeting of player accounts on BP, and that includes sources which are based on tweeting.

      Media tweets (as long as they don't retweet players) are different, since they're a little more mature and thought out :)
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