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Bob Saccamano
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  • Sure. Just record the loop out of Animoog, hit copy, then paste it as a guitar amp track in Garageband. GB will accept any uncompressed 44.1 kHz/16-bit recording, including what is on the clipboard. If you want added flexibility check out an app named FourTrack (from Sonoma Wire Works).
    Thanks a lot. And I need to focus more on drums when mixing. I'm pretty biased toward guitar and it generally sounds good to my ears when I can hear those above everything else. :lol:
    I know Line 6 makes something for around $100 that is supposed to be pretty easy/decent.. it's called the POD Studio GX. I've never used that though.

    Also, I know you've asked me about my drums before. I got this program called EZDrummer that has pre-loaded drum loops in it. I run it as a VST in Fruity Loops. Not sure how much you've messed with FL, but EZDrummer is really easy to use once you get it installed and loaded into FL.
    FL Studio 7. I have the drum sounds from Drumkit from Hell loaded into it. Had to make the track myself, no pre-loaded loops or anything.
    Fruity Loops Studio 8

    Used a synth called Vanguard and the beats were made with sounds from a sound pack called Vengeance Essential Club Sounds 3. :banger:
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