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Nov 30, 2020 at 9:35 PM
Apr 28, 2004
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November 9
Outside Chicago

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Loves Buckeye History, from Outside Chicago

Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

No idea, sorry Nov 22, 2013

BB73 was last seen:
Viewing forum College Football, Nov 30, 2020 at 9:35 PM
    1. jwinslow
      Need a ticket for mi padre.

      Offered $45 for 3A seat, $35 to upgrade. Do you have any experience with how they strict are about IDs? $80 isn't a bad price, but if the $35 can be skipped, obviously that would be better.
    2. jwinslow
      Thanks anyway. The parents are coming in to town, and pops might tag along, but being a spartan fan (and smarting from the wisky game), he's not looking for a great seat.
    3. jwinslow
      I don't suppose you have 1-2 for Wisconsin, do you?
    4. Gatorubet
      I was counting on that :paranoid:
    5. NateG
      Thanks for the feedback and rep!!
    6. akronbuck
      Sorry BB73's that the only thing I had in my head . Pryor acting like Young vs. USC ohio state wins.
    7. WoodyWorshiper
      Hey BB,

      Hope you had a great time at the game. AND, I want to apologize for calling you so late on friday night (actually I think It was saturday AM). I got off work late on friday and checked in here late. Wish I had contact info on scarlet/gray (Dennis).

      Also, I tried calling you a little earlier on my cell phone but was having troubles. I actually heard you answer the phone one time, and the thing died on me. I tried back a bit later and it just went to a busy signal. SO, if I woke you up, I apologize. Otherwise, hope you had a wonderful weekend, best to YOU and yours, and as always:

      GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Deety
      Happy travels and GO BUCKS! :D
    9. Gatorubet
      So you're saying you DIDN'T raise your pinky finger while typing that rep? :p

    10. Buckeyeskickbuttocks
      Congrats on 30,000
    11. BB73
    12. jwinslow
      "full disclosure - I read this copy, but it's in excellent condition"

      On the throne?
    13. jwinslow
      Are you going to the big ten media day again? we could print one 8x10 for each Buckeye player (3 I believe), get it signed, and auction it on bp.

      Come to think of it, one of juice or minor might work too, though i'd have to find someone on another board. I assume those two are attending.
    14. WoodyWorshiper
      What's up?

      I'm coming to you to see if you can gather info on a package of memorabilia that was to be used for auction purposes to raise revenue for the site. Granted, I do not hang out here as much as I used to, and if items were indeed auctioned off, then accept my apologies. But, to date, I never seen a single piece put on the site for auction. Again, if I missed these, I am sorry. But, if they never were offered, i would like an explanation as to why not, and when they will be available. Hell, one was the game program from the 1978 TOSU-PSU game with Woody ans JoPA on the cover. I'd pay $100 just to get that back!!

      See what you can find out, dude. I trust and like you. Please investigate without incriminating me.

    15. jimotis4heisman
      Too Soon To Gamble? (Puck-rakers)
      interesting bet, you can probably stack the odds some more for long term $ commitment.
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    November 9
    Outside Chicago
    Favorite Program:
    tOSU grad a few years ago
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