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Recent content by 11bravoBuck

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    Tyson Gentry (Official Thread)

    Get well soon, Tyson. Our prayers are with you.
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    Tom Cruise to eat Placenta

    "In other news, Cruise is planning on eating baby Beelzebub's first bowel movement." Along with the placenta, that sounds like a well balanced diet, Thump. Lot's of fiber.
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    Tom Cruise to eat Placenta

    Thanks a lot, grad. Just when I had been able to avoid any stories about Tom Cruise, Scientology, or diet fads for almost a week.
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    Tyson Gentry (Official Thread)

    JustinG Thanks, Justin.
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    Tyson Gentry (Official Thread)

    Well said, dubs.
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    Tyson Gentry (Official Thread)

    thoughts and prayers for Tyson Thanks, Ryn. Could you also ask your friend for Tyson's address for those of us who might want to send a card or letter? Thanks again.
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    Tyson Gentry (Official Thread)

    we are with you tyson I'm sure all our thoughts and prayers here at BuckeyePlanet and in the Ohio State community at large are with Tyson and his family. But I'm wondering if someone in the Columbus area can relay our prayers for his recovery to Tyson in person? Also I think any talk of...
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    Smells you can't stand!!

    The debilitating stench from the toxic pesticide cocktails and defoliants sprayed on South Vietnam in Operation Ranch Hand (1962-1971). And, of course, Thump.
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    Happy Birthday, Daddyphatsacs!

    Happy Birthday, big D. Sorry I'm a day late.
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    Who wants some?

    A Photshop-enhanced nude picture of the USC football team in a silver frame.
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    Brinkman's Hyperbole

    Tom Brinkman is the Mark May of Ohio politics. Dumber than dirt and about a tenth as compelling. This is the same right wing jerkwad who voted against restoring the state's ratification of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution in the Ohio House recently. The 14th Amendment...
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    Did You Serve in the Military? (MERGED)

    Active duty: (28Dec65-19Nov67) U S Army Light Weapons Infantry / Air Assault 2nd/3rd Inf Bat 199th Lt Inf Bde Wolfhounds 2/27 Inf Reg 25th Inf Div Republic of South Vietnam-- in country: Dec66-Nov67. Fire Team Leader / Platoon RTO Reserve Duty: U S Army Civil Affairs (Tasked to...
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    RB Chris "Beanie" Wells (All B1G, All-American)

    Great posts, grad. As usual.
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    RB Maurice Clarett (B1G Freshman of the Year, National Champion)

    If true, this is a sad day for Buckeyes everywhere. Especially for Clarett, no matter how far he has strayed down the wrong path. The magnitude of squandering such immense potential is trully biblical in scale. But the tragedy of this incident in human terms would be even greater. For...
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    Lou Holtz (Official Thread)

    Say it ain't so "Pitt...Navy...Syracuse?" That was not pretty. I hope the wife and kids were out of the room at the time. As a major domer he sure put the ho in homer, but I remember Lou Holtz as a solid head coach who was at one time one of Woody's sharpest assistants. But that time...