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Three quarterbacks my ass. Have they changed the Heisman odds in Vegas yet? Did we even try to recruit Golson? Is Michigan open to a trade for Rudock?

3/4 front or 4/3 front - who gives a shit! Just run the damn ball and block somebody!

Four possession that started in NIU territory - and we scored 10 points. They gave us the ball on the 35 on EVERY kickoff! And why the hell is NIU kicking off four times to begin with?

17 possessions and one drive longer than 44 yards?

Have we broken the record for average points in a season? Or are we still working on that?

Five possessions that ended in turnovers and 5 three and outs?

And just why were both Taylor Decker and Pat Elflein on the list for having made tackles yesterday? Did we move them to special teams to take advantage of their blistering speed? Or are we having a bit of a problem taking care of the ball.

14 turnovers in five games. 3.5 turnovers per game if you drop Hawaii.

And thank goodness Jalin Mashall has learned from his mistakes and no longer takes chances on punts - particularly when all we need to do is gain possession and run out the clock.

Capital "W" Capital "T" Capital "F"!

That said - I'm Good.
It was a good week for Ohio State to have a stinker. USC went down to Stanford. Ole Miss beat Alabama. TCU found themselves in a dog fight with SMU but pulled away late. M*ch*g*n State thoroughly dominated their matchup with Air Force, even if the final score didn't reflect it. Teams that struggled or played like crap like the Buckeyes, Florida State and Clemson got reprieves... for now.

So if everybody was losing (or coming close to it,) who were the winners?...
To very loosely paraphrase William Shakespeare, Tresselball by any other name would smell just as bad as that mess yesterday.

1. Let's begin by addressing the 275-pound quarterback in the room. Cardale Jones first signed with Ohio State as part of the 2011 recruiting class; after a post-grad year at a prep school, he re-signed as part of the class of 2012. In reviewing both classes, I picked Cardale as the player least likely to succeed at Ohio State. With Cardale's Twitter indiscretions and the emergence of J.T. Barrett, it appeared that I would be right and Jones would be a career bench warmer. But Cardale proved his doubters wrong with his historic run through the 2014 playoffs. Or did he?

Cardale took over the Buckeye offense in the fourth quarter of the Michigan game after J.T. Barrett suffered a season-ending injury. With Cardale at the helm, running back Ezekiel Elliott began to put up some record-setting numbers:

OpponentRush AttsRush YdsRush AvgRush TDs30+ Yds
Wisconsin2022011.00260, 81
Alabama2023011.50254, 85
Totals797469.4496 runs
Wide receiver Devin Smith was the premier deep threat in college football last season, and he was able to bail out Cardale on several passes that we would have called "arm punts" if a certain Michigan quarterback had thrown them:

OpponentReceptionsRec YdsRec AvgRec TDs30+...
For eight months the dilemma over which quarterback Ohio State should start was seen almost unanimously as a good problem to have. JT Barrett had put together one of the most prolific seasons a B1G quarterback has ever had. After Barrett's injury Cardale Jones was unflappable in leading one of the most spectacular and surprising postseason runs ever seen in college football. Everybody seemed to think that no matter who got the nod, the Buckeyes would be in fantastic shape.

Now, only three games into the season, what was once an enviable situation is a old-fashioned full-blown quarterback controversy with no good answers. Neither quarterback has been effective so far, and things went from bad to uncertain when Cardale Jones was pulled in favor of JT Barrett against Northern Illinois. Urban Meyer had rotated his quarterbacks throughout the first two games of the season, but this wasn't a rotation - it was a benching...
In a game that Buckeye fans will immediately do their best to forget, the Buckeyes managed to get past Northern Illinois in a low-scoring, mistake-filled, mostly unwatchable game.

Ohio State played poorly from the start, with their first possession being pretty much doomed by little mistakes before making a huge one, turning the ball over in their own end of the field. The Huskies scored with ease thanks to a short field, against a Buckeye defense that didn't seem ready to be on the field yet after the sudden change. The Silver Bullets would soon find their bearings, but the offense never did.

The errors on offense were many, and it's difficult to think of players and coaches on that side of the ball who might escape a share of the blame for the performance. Cardale Jones threw two bad interceptions and was completely ineffective before getting pulled in favor of JT Barrett in the second quarter. He would not see any more snaps. Barrett was only slightly less poor - he helped get the Buckeyes back in it by leading their only touchdown drive of day. He threw an interception of his own however, and by all rights should have been picked off on a couple other occasions. Ezekiel Elliott rushed for more than a hundred yards, but he lost a fumble and and was very inefficient. He failed to convert in short yardage a few times. Braxton Miller dropped the football in the backfield, made fantastic hesitation move on a play that went for no game, and was otherwise invisible. The offensive line played passively and made crippling errors that put an already ineffective attack behind the chains.

Ohio State was lucky that they were playing a team like Northern Illinois...
This week's edition begins with a little more background on our featured feline friend... Poobert is what I call him, and "Leo" is his actual name. He goes by many other names though. He can be mischievous, and tends to get himself in trouble fairly often. He eats things he isn't supposed to eat, he playfully (but painfully) bites and claws us when we try to pet him sometimes, barfs on everything, and meows constantly. My wife came up for a nickname for him that she uses in such situations...
As we acclimate ourselves to the new College Football Playoff era, we still have many questions about what the future holds.

Taking some cues from the recent past to predict the future, I took the BCS rankings from the final week of the regular seasons (post-conference championship game week) during the BCS era (1998-2013). I used the top four teams from those rankings to determine who would qualify for the College Football Playoffs in those years. For history’s sake, I used the conference that each of the team was affiliated with at that time, not where they are currently due to expansion.

The results were intriguing...
It's difficult to take anything useful away from season openers. Last week brought us things that were new and exciting, but we didn't quite know what to make of them at the time. Is Ohio State's offense really that explosive? Is M*ch*g*n State a contender or a pretender? Is the SEC still the best conference team-for-team, top-to-bottom? Week two is where we first see things truly beginning to take shape. It's our first chance to put this season into context based on what we're seeing now, rather than just guessing based on what we remember from previous seasons.

With that in mind, what did we learn this week?
The big story coming out of Monday night's game was the quality and depth of talent the Buckeyes employ at the skill positions. Seemingly capable of big plays at will, Ohio State was praised a historic juggernaut and the nation's most enjoyable team to watch. However, that was certainly not true today.

Because of the recognized talent the Buckeyes have, when things aren't going smoothly, some fans struggle to identify the reasons or possible solutions. Not moving the ball? It must be the playcalling because a team this talented can only be held back by the guys who tell them what to do on every snap. Not moving the ball through the air? Feed Zeke. Or maybe they should switch quarterbacks. Maybe it's none of those things. Perhaps it's the short turnaround between the Virginia Tech game and this one. Maybe it's those stupid refs.

What often goes unnoticed is the performance of the offensive line. Good play in the trenches makes everybody else look good. You can run behind a dominant O-line. You can pass. You can take more chances. You can get the ball into the damn end zone after taking over 1st and goal at the 5-yard line.

I think everybody took for granted that this unit would be great. Last year's line was dominant at the end of the season, returned four out of five starters, and would continue to be led by the nation's premier coach in Ed Warinner. Through two games, though, that has not been the case. You can't say it's entirely down to the lone new starter Chase Farris, either. They allowed too much pressure against Virginia Tech. Against Hawai'i they committed numerous penalties that put the offense behind the chains and failed to get enough push in the run game.

Take a look at the picture in that tweet. That's the meanest the offensive line looked all day, and they were in suits instead of pads. That has to change if the Buckeyes are going to get where they want to go. The comforting...
This week we start with a little more background on our furry friend Poobert. This past week was his birthday. He just turned ten. We got him a new collar for his birthday. The ungrateful little butthole didn't like it. Wish him a happy birthday!

Poobert was a rescue cat - mangey and emaciated when he was taken into the shelter that my wife adopted him from. Because he was often starving and scavenging as a kitten, he eats voraciously and is always looking for his next meal. This was just the first time that my wife saved his life...